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Using DBHawk, our customers were able to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, FERPA, PCI and other regulations and were able to implement SOD.

DBHawk Database security

Database Security, Zero Trust Data Access Control,
Dynamic Data Masking, Auditing & Activity Monitoring with DBHawk

Today businesses use various databases including SQL-NoSQL databases based on diverse needs. On top of that, companies have databases hosted in the cloud and on-premises. Every business needs answers now with ad-hoc requests.

Providing quick and secure data access is critical. Providing data access to own users as well as to customers to their data is also very crucial.

DBHawk delivers the centralized server-based solution for Database activity monitoring (DAM). DBHawk can be used to securely access databases hosted in the cloud or on-premises.


Trusted by our customers to protect and access their data

Single Sign-On Integration with Okta

Single Sign-On Integration with SAML

Single Sign-On Integration with SAML. Do you need to access your databases hosted in cloud, on-premises or hybrid?
Allow your database users to log in to the database without sharing database username and password. Log in with your Okta, ADFS, or other SAML based SSO. 
With SAML, you do not need to manage users’ passwords inside the application. Additionally, it allows you to control who can access certain resources based on predefined user attributes, groups and roles.

2FA, Secure Access, LDAP Integration

2FA, Secure Access, LDAP Integration

DBHawk supports secure two-factor authentication, SSL, and integration with LDAP. DBHawk user authentication allows giving secure access to data without exposing database passwords. DBHawk supports user accounts with password expiration, active/inactive status to protect time sensitive access. DBHawk also makes sharing dashboards, SQL snippets secure with password protection and expiration date.

Data Masking with  DBHawk

Dynamic Data Masking

DBHawk supports dynamic data masking based on the predefined policy. With DBHawk central policy management, administrators can give access to only needed data to the end users. Our customers were able to give production data access with the data masking and save big on the cost for creating separate duplicate database. Also, customers were able to achieve GDPR data protection. With DBHawk data masking no need to change anything in your existing database.

Database Object Access Control

Zero Trust Database

Object Access Control

DBHawk provides database object access control. With DBHawk object access control, database users and admin do not need to rely on database permissions and roles. This feature allows giving secure access to data without compromising database security and permission which is designed to work with the supported application such as HR, Sales, etc.

DBHawk integration for logs

DBHawk integration for logs & metrics management

DBHawk supports 3rd party integration with log & metrics management software such as Splunk, Sumologic, etc. DBHawk log files can be fed to 3rd party log management software to continuously monitor data access, detect anomalies and respond to internal and external attacks. DBHawk also supports storing log details into your own secure database.

Database activity monitoring (DAM)

Database activity monitoring (DAM)

DBHawk web-based architecture provides secure central access to data. It logs all users activities including user authentication and SQL activities. DBHawk auditing capabilities give full visibility over who has accessed which data, when, and for what reason. DBHawk logs IP address, time, user id, database username, wrong login attempts, SQL Queries, etc.
It makes regulation compliance much easy when there are many database end users. DBHawk centralized logging supports all major SQL and NoSQL databases.

Cross Database Development with DBHawk

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