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Comparing Web Based SQL Editor with Ad Hoc Bi SQL Editor

Manish Shah

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While operating in a data-rich environment, the business intelligence needs of an enterprise can vary wildly regarding the kind of information that is demanded by stakeholders for decision making as well as the way they need access to the data in question. When dealing with such an unpredictable scope of work, user preferences often tend to tip towards one or the other functionality – web-based SQL editors or Ad Hoc BI SQL editors. Both these systems serve specific business intelligence needs, and both are equally important in a data-driven decision-making environment. But to help you understand which option is more suited to which query type, here is an article that compares the web-based SQL editor with the Ad hoc BI SQL editor. Hope it will help you understand the significance of both these tools in your business data framework:

Web-based SQL editors

Web-based SQL editing interfaces are designed to add a touch of simplicity and efficiency to data analysis tasks. These are meant to help users query data and perform complex analytical tasks on a database, even if they aren’t IT experts and have no knowledge of SQL commands. These are server-based solutions that do not require installation on every machine – enterprises simply need to install these systems on their servers to allow users to access databases through their browser window. The tool lets users run SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements, cancel long-running SQL queries, open multiple SQL Editor Windows, add complex filters for data sorting, format queries, export results online, build data charts and reports and even collaborate with different users in a safe and intuitive environment. Web-based access to databases brings an additional layer of ease and efficiency to daily database tasks, allowing users to access data from anywhere, anytime while protecting the integrity of data in such a diverse usage environment.

Ad Hoc BI SQL Editor

Ad Hoc queries are considered to be the most complex and most unpredictable of them all in an enterprise data framework. These also create a question of data security and access clearance that needs to be managed to protect the security and integrity of information. Ad Hoc BI SQL editors help users access the situation based data they need and generate analytics reports like charts and dashboards without even writing a single line of code. This unprecedented ease of use allows business stakeholders to independently manage their unpredictable data needs without having to depend on IT support. Collaboration and reporting automation are all possible with these tools. But the most important functionality they offer is the option to create a data access policy so that multiple ad-hoc queries do not end up compromising data security.

In today’s data-driven market, an enterprise will always need both these tools to manage their business intelligence needs. DBHawk seamlessly combines the power of web-based SQL editors with the efficiency of Ad Hoc BI SQL editors to create a one-stop solution for every database management need that an enterprise may have.

About the Author:

Datasparc Inc. is an online web-based SQL tool & database reporting software provider. They offer DBHawk™ – a web-based SQL tool & self-service business intelligence software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.

Comparing Web Based SQL Editor with Ad Hoc Bi SQL Editor


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