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Best SQL Server Monitoring Tools in 2024

Rina Nahar

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Your SQL server is a crucial asset for your organization. After all, it’s where you store critical data, and it serves as a back-end database for enterprise websites and applications. That’s why you should take measures to ensure that it’s secure, properly managed, and monitored. To ensure optimum performance, consider using the correct SQL server tool that provides a reliable performance monitoring and security auditing solution. Here are some of the features and qualities you should look for when comparing and selecting the best SQL server monitoring tools.


Poor and unchecked SQL server performance can result in lots of lost revenue and time. That’s why it’s essential to look for a dependable and secure SQL server tool that can provide more visibility into your database operations to effectively identify, and diagnose problems before they cause more problems. It should allow you to monitor SQL performance on multiple levels, particularly the database server software, operating system software, and hardware or a virtualized host resource. Check if it can provide visibility into network and disk usage, too.


Standard SQL server monitoring tools require installation on a particular device. There are more versatile platforms now, and they allow you to monitor your database from any device using a browser. Consider a web-based SQL server tool with an intuitive and simplified point and click interface that lets you create online data dashboards, D3-based charts, and parameterized reports with just a few clicks.

Easy data importing and exporting

The SQL server monitoring tool should allow you to export table/view data into your preferred format, such as HTML, CSV, PDF, or as an insert statement. Likewise, it should allow you to import CSV data into database tables automatically. Look for an SQL Server Index Manager that can let you view, drop, and manage table indexes.

Centralized monitoring

A good SQL server tool must serve as a centralized hub for managing all database activities. This way, it’s easier to perform audits and ensure security. It should also come with a report builder, SQL server session manager, and an SQL server stored program manager.

Best SQL Server Monitoring Tools in 2021


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