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If you use MongoDB, you may want to consider managing your databases with a more flexible tool that you can access from any computer. Consider a web-based MongoDB tool that can be accessed through a browser, so it eliminates the need to install a client software on every machine. It must be an intuitive IDE that enables browsing and query full documents and databases from your web browser, with advanced drag and drop features that allow you to query MongoDB document on the query builder.

The best web-based MongoDB tool comes with the JSON data viewer, SQL query writer, MongoDB data editor, and the GridFS browser. It is capable of exporting and importing JSON and CSV data, creating new collections, and connecting to mLab or Atlas directly from the browser window. Here is a more detailed look at some of the features of the MongoDB tool:

• Browser-based IDE with a collection and database viewer – Browse and view full databases and collections. MongoDB pagination is included for displaying larger collections. You may rename or drop documents, add a new document, apply paginations for viewing document details, or apply filter criteria.

• Data editor – Using the web-based MongoDB tool, you can browse a document, edit existing values, and expand the full view. Likewise, you can add or edit a value, insert a new document or key-value, and remove field with only a few clicks.

• Query builder – The intuitive query builder lets you drag and drop a collection filed into the query editor and apply different filter criteria to narrow down the results. It supports various conditions, including equal criteria, regular expression, and other complex criteria.

• MongoDB shell – MongoDB’s shell is the interactive web-based command interface, and it is supported by the web-based client, so you can update and query data, and conduct administrative operations. It is also useful for running multiple command statements.

Find a reputable provider of web-based MongoDB tools online and sign up for a trial to fully understand its features. With a web-based MongoDB client, you should be able to streamline and simplify your tasks, and accomplish more with less time.

Best Web Based MongoDB Tool


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