Amazon Athena SQL 

Client Tool

Streamline your AWS Athena development and improve efficiency with DBHawk's intuitive interface and robust database management capabilities

Amazon Athena SQL Client Tool

DBHawk is a powerful database management and analysis tool that can be leveraged as a SQL Client tool for Amazon Athena. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to connect to their Athena data source and perform data analysis tasks quickly and easily. With DBHawk, users can create SQL queries, visualize data, and generate reports without needing to write any code.

DBHawk enables various organizations to give and get complete data access on Amazon S3. One of the key benefits of using DBHawk for Amazon Athena is that it provides a unified platform for data management and analysis. This means that users can perform a wide range of tasks, from querying data to creating dashboards, all within the same tool. Additionally, DBHawk provides a number of advanced features, such as data masking, ad hoc reporting, database security and more, that can help ensure the security, privacy and utility of your data.

Experience high flexibility with DBHawk for Amazon Athena, customized precisely to your needs. Users can configure the tool to meet their specific needs, whether that means creating custom reports, building complex queries, or integrating with other data sources. And because DBHawk is cloud-based, users can access their data and tools from anywhere, making it easy to collaborate and share insights with team members or stakeholders.

DBHawk features at a glance

  • Access AWS Athena database with DBHawk
  • No Client Software, web-based access
  • Support for SQL Query, Charts and Data Dashboards
  • Export data to S3 in CSV, PDF, Excel, and Other formats
  • Integrate with SAML based SSO
  • Support for SQL Automations and Collaborations

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Amazon Athena SQL Client Tool
Amazon Athena SQL Client Tool
S3 Connection

Connect to Amazon S3 data

Access your Amazon S3 data seamlessly using DBHawk by storing query results in the S3 staging directory. All you need is to input your AWS access key and AWS secret key as the username and password respectively.

Athena Query Editor

Athena Query


Maximize your SQL querying capabilities with DBHawk's robust SQL Query Editor for Athena. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that lets you write and execute queries against your database, create SQL snippets, and securely grant query access to other users. You can even share your SQL queries with others using DBHawk's SQL share feature

Athena Data Charts

Athena S3 data Charts/Dashboard builders

Empower your data-driven decisions with DBHawk's intuitive Athena S3 data charts and dashboard builders. Leverage these tools to execute SQL queries, generate insightful data visualizations, create dynamic dashboards, and share your results with other stakeholders.

Browse Athena Data

Browse & Filter AWS

S3 Data

Enhance your AWS S3 data browsing and filtering with DBHawk's cutting-edge visual data browser. Take advantage of the built-in data filter to easily explore and refine your data, and uncover valuable insights.

View Athena Table Details

View Athena S3 Table Details

Optimize your Athena S3 table analysis with DBHawk's dynamic Table columns viewer and SQL generator. With these features, you can easily view the table definition and generate SQL DDL for your tables, making data management a breeze.

Export data to S3

 Export AWS S3 Query 


Simplify your data management tasks with DBHawk's intuitive S3 data export tool. Easily export data from S3 in various formats, including delimited files, Excel spreadsheets, HTML, PDF, and direct storage in AWS S3, with this robust feature.

Amazon Athena SQL Client Tool 


Streamline your Athena Database Development and Management with DBHawk

Transform your AWS Athena database operations with DBHawk's comprehensive all-in-one database management and SQL tool. From maintaining data integrity to customizing and enhancing table columns, DBHawk has everything you need to manage and analyze your Athena data efficiently. Request a demo now to see how DBHawk can streamline your Athena database management tasks.

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