Web-Based Amazon Redshift SQL Workbench

Redshift SQL Workbench

Connect, create tables, load data, build SQL queries, manage the database and visualize Amazon Redshift data with DBHawk

Amazon Redshift is massive parallel processing (MPP) data-warehousing database built on PostgreSQL based technology. It offers a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud.

DBHawk is a web-based Amazon Redshift SQL Client. It’s a complete database management and BI platform. Using DBHawk, Redshift users can quickly connect, load data, perform redshift database tasks, build visual SQL queries, generate charts, and dashboard with few clicks. DBHawk web-based intuitive and the collaborative platform allows Redshift users to share and access visualizations, queries through a browser window. Flexible deployment options including in the AWS cloud or on-premise.

DBHawk enables various organizations to give complete Redshift data access to their customers.

Connect to Redshift database with a JDBC driver

Create Redshift Instance, create a new data source in DBHawk with entering details and Connect to Redshift in a few seconds.

Create database tables with online SQL Workbench Redshift

Using DBHawk Online SQL Editor, users can load SQL DDL and create Redshift tables and other database objects.

Load data into Redshift from S3 or local disk

Using the COPY Command, data users can load data from Amazon S3. Users can also import data from CSV or Excel files located on S3 or local disk.

Build queries using the visual Redshift SQL Query builder

Users can use DBHawk visual Redshift Query Builder to drag and drop tables to build an interactive query. DBHawk query builder includes live SQL query and data preview.

Amazon Redshift SQL Client – Build Charts and Dashboards

DBHawk online SQL client allows to run SQL queries and build charts, live data dashboards to quickly get business insights.

Create Ad-hoc Reports with Online Redshift Tool

DBHawk allows creating ad-hoc SQL data reports with few clicks and export report in PDF, Excel, CSV format.

SQL Share, Team Collaboration & Automation

With DBHawk users can share reports, dashboards and SQL Queries with other users. Using DBHawk Job Scheduler, users can schedule jobs to run reports, import data at regular interval. Users can receive results by email, save the output to S3, or to a local disk.

Web-Based Redshift Management with DBHawk Tool

DBHawk is a complete database management platform for Redshift. Using DBHawk, users can create tables, views, UDF, database users, etc. Users can view column details for the tables & views, view grants, and UDF definitions. Users can view SQL DDL for tables.

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