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DBHawk is a web-based SQL client that is versatile for a wide range of database applications. It simplifies access to various database platforms, including Oracle, with robust and reliable database auditing and security capabilities.This way, organizations can easily manage their databases while ensuring compliance with regulations. The DBHawk Oracle SQL query builder has flexible customization features to help boost the productivity of database managers regardless of their expertise in Oracle and IT. Here are more benefits of DBHawk’s Oracle SQL query builder and tools:

  • Access anytime, anywhere – DBHawk is web-based. This means there is no need to install any software on multiple computers or laptops. Simply access the Oracle SQL query builder from your browser. This can be handy if you have to work remotely. This type of convenience helps users save time and money on user training, maintenance, and SQL client software purchase and renewal of licenses.
  • Access to on-premise and cloud-based databases – DBHawk lets you access on-premise databases from your browser. Likewise, it lets you access databases that are hosted on clouds like Heroku, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon RDS. Developers can deploy it on-premise or on-cloud.
  • Intuitive reporting tools – Web-based reporting tools let business data analysts create reports, data visualization, and dashboards. The Oracle SQL query builder lets them publish, build, or schedule database reports with only a few clicks.
  • Everything in one place – A centralized database security platform and auditing capabilities lets administrators access everything in one convenient place. That way, they can easily monitor user logins, audit SQL activities, and logouts.
  • Live data preview – As you build SQL queries, DBHawk showcases live data preview and lets you apply filter conditions on live data. Likewise, it lets you select columns and sort results. Even without SQL knowledge, you can use the DBHawk Oracle SQL query builder to export data from the data preview window into different formats, like HTML, PDF, and CSV.

Learn the advantages of Using DBHawk Oracle SQL Query Builder and the online SQL server editor on the live demos available on the Datasparc website.

Advantages Of Using DBHawk Oracle SQL Query Builder


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