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Business analysts who rely on an SQL server for business intelligence may find it easier to do their work with a dependable SQL server ad hoc reporting platform. Designed for SQL servers, the platform enables users to generate charts, data reports, and dashboards with just a few clicks. Likewise, it lets them connect to the necessary data sources, generate charts, build SQL queries, and create reports and dashboards without IT or writing code, and share their data easily with others. This way, it can be a solution that will empower business analysts to come up with solutions quickly and efficiently.

Certain features make the SQL server ad hoc reporting platform ideal for business analysts. For instance, a platform provides full ad-hoc reporting solutions to let the IT team create a data access control policy, which will keep data access secure and restricted only to the business users of a particular organization. This way, self-service business intelligence is being implemented in the business. Once users obtain access to the necessary data, they can start connecting to a data source and write SQL queries directly from the online SQL editor, which comes with the ad hoc reporting and SQL server platform. Likewise, they can create SQL queries with the visual SQL query builder, even with minimal SQL knowledge, as it eliminates the need to write a line of SQL.

The SQL server ad hoc reporting tool has an advanced editor and a browser for viewing tables and data to enable users to manage and view database data as they please, even in real-time. This way, it is easier to visualize and analyze data. Business intelligence users can create ad-hoc data charts, dashboards, and reports, and build any type of chart (i.e. line, pie, area, bar, scatterplot, data grids, and maps) with only a few clicks. Intuitive dashboards can be created with the drag-and-drop feature. Reporting can be automated, and collaboration with other business users can be done in a secure environment.

Ad-Hoc Reporting and Dashboards for SQL Server


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