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An SQL server report builder can be one of the essential tools for your organization’s database management needs. It is an ad hoc and web-based reporting tool that can work with your MSSQL database and enable you to build reports, charts, data visualization, and dashboards, and you do not have to be an expert programmer to these tasks. Simply point and click your desired actions and you should be able to use the SQL server report builder with ease. Apart from simplifying your job, here are five other reasons to choose a web-based report builder for your SQL server:

It can be a substitute to SQL Service Reporting Service – Some of the leading SQL server report builders eliminate the need to install multiple tools. Everything you will ever need to manage your database, build reports, and share them securely with other users is available in a single web-based platform. And because it can be accessed from any modern browser and operating system, you can easily do your job from anywhere, and you do not have to worry about installing anything on every machine in your organization.

It is secure – The SQL server report builder is designed to be a secure platform for building and sharing reports. It eliminates the need to be concerned with third-party access, attacks, and data loss or corruption.

Build ad hoc reports – Users can create reports straight from the SQL server report builder and add parameters to them. Reports can be saved as PDF, XLS, HTML, and CSV formats, and they can be previewed before being built. Likewise, reports can be scheduled to be saved on a user directory or delivered by email after being built.

It can build data charts – The comprehensive report builder comes with tools that lets users create D3-based charts in different formats, like gauge, dendograms, heat maps, chord, pie, bubble, line, multi- or discrete bar, grouped/stacked area, box plots, and bullet.

Schedule reports – The SQL Server report builder can schedule a report to run at regular or repeated intervals.

Get to know the reasons to Choose SQL Server Report Builder and the online SQL editor.

5 Reasons to Choose SQL Server Report Builder


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