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Database development management does not have to be challenging and confined to one or a few machines in the office when you use a web-based client like DBHawk. The web-based database management software and Oracle SQL client enables developers, users, and DBAs to develop and manage Oracle databases using their web browser without an Oracle client on every computer. The following are the other benefits of using the DBHawk Oracle SQL query builder:

  • Flexible and easy to customize – DBHawk can be customized to ensure that only the right features are useful to boost productivity while making sure that procedures comply with regulations. This way, development managers can easily access business users and developers without DBAs, and managers can audit the SQL activities of users. DBHawk Oracle SQL query builder is a practical tool that can provide complete power to product managers by enabling quick and seamless access to Oracle databases.
  • Save money and time – Being web-based, the Oracle SQL query builder by DBHawk eliminates the need to install software on every laptop or computer in the office. Access everything from your browser with the guarantee of security, and work remotely when required. Likewise, the platform helps you save time on maintenance, user training, and software license renewal, which can get expensive in the long run.
  • Access to cloud-based databases – DBHawk Oracle SQL query builder lets you access both on premise and cloud-based databases from the browser. It is compatible with cloud platforms such as Amazon RDS and Redshift, and Heroku.
  • A centralized platform for administrators – Database administrators will find the DBHawk Oracle SQL query builder to be highly secure and easy to use for auditing and monitoring user logins and logouts.
  • Reliable reporting tools – Dashboards, data visualization, and reports can be created using web-based reporting platforms. The query builder makes it easier to schedule, build, or publish database reports, too.

Get to know the major benefits of Using DBHawk Oracle SQL Query Builder and the online SQL server editor on the Datasparc website online.

5 Major Benefits of Using DBHawk Oracle SQL Query Builder


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