5 Best Mongodb Reporting Tools


A lightweight, easy to use reporting tool for MongoDB is a must for businesses using this platform for their BI needs. The market offers various options to access this database platform, some requiring hardcore coding while others offering a more intuitive approach towards their functionality. This blog post will list out the best MongoDB reporting tools that you can depend on for your business intelligence needs.


By far the best and most trusted MongoDB reporting tools available in the market, DBHawk lets you browse and query full MongoDB databases and documents using a web browser. Documents can be queried using an advanced drag and drop query builder and MongoDB SQL Editor. The tool also includes an online MongoDB Shell, JSON data viewer, online GridFS, and MongoDB data editor. DBHawk allows users to run SQL Queries against MongoDB database and let create charts, dashboard, reports without exporting and importing data in another SQL based database.

DBHawk MongoDB Shell

Sample MongoDB Dashboard with DBHawk
Sample MongoDB Dashboard with DBHawk

This MongoDB GUI is supported for Windows, Linux as well as MacOS and is a robust system that will resolve most of your business intelligence needs with ease.

Hope the above information will help you pick the best MongoDB reporting tool for your enterprise data management requirements.

MongoDB Reporting with DBHawk
MongoDB Reporting with DBHawk
MongoDB Bar Chart with DBHawk
MongoDB Bar Chart with DBHawk
DBHawk MongoDB Dashboard Responsive Design
DBHawk MongoDB Dashboard Responsive Design


WideStage is an open source, a self-service reporting tool for MongoDB that allows you to query data using business terms instead of SQL or complex query languages. Its semantic layer is the biggest advantage that it offers, making it a preferable reporting tool for many enterprises.


This tool brings a fresh and contemporary feel to the MongoDB platform. The tool is basically a rich MongoDB code editor that offers syntax highlighting, code completion, formatting as well as a graphical interface for database administration and query commands.

Helical Insight

This business intelligence framework for MongoDB offers multi-device compatibility and lets you connect to one or multiple databases at the same time including relational databases, columnar databases, API, flat files, CSV and more.

Slam Data

Another MongoDB reporting tool that allows you to access NoSQL MongoDB databases with sophistication and ease. It offers better support for microservices and enhanced functionality with no Mapping or ETL.


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